Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buckhead Atlanta replaces "Streets of Buckhead"

Have you noticed the big, unsightly hole in the ground in central Buckhead with lots of concrete footers and rebar and cranes and not much else?  Right.. how could one miss it??  Well there is a new plan with new money and a new name for this project... Buckhead Atlanta.  Yes, that is the new name... Buckhead Atlanta (in Buckhead, Atlanta, get it? ).  “Formerly known as The Streets of Buckhead, the project was one of the highest profile developments in the country halted by the economic downturn and financing drought,” according to project spokesman Bryan Long in an email to What Now Atlanta. “The new name signifies a departure from the concept of a single destination development and a move toward a mixed-use community that will fit seamlessly within the existing Buckhead Village.”

The project's developer, OliverMcMillan, a San Diego based real estate firm that develops mixed use retail, entertainment and residential projects plans to put $300 million into the project which already has $400 million invested in it.  OliverMcMillan plas to begin construction on the six block, eight acre project late this year.

Questions and concerns arise from many Atlantans including a distaste for the name, Buckhead Atlanta.  Seems a little redundant... and lame?  "I'm going to Buckhead Atlanta in Buckhead, Atlanta" (? Huh??).   And will this project be an upscale shopping glut like an outdoor Phipps Plaza?  Or will it be more like a flailing Atlantic Station, or another Underground?  Will it create more real estate inventory in a slumping market?

I like to think positive and I am glad that someone is taking a vision to completion for our fine community in Buckhead.  I don't really think we need lots more luxury shopping and dining, but so what.  It sure beats a hole in the ground (I hope).

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